Inspired Action Energy Healing with Andrea Zouiri

  to feel whole and healed

Client Testimonials

"I have found Andrea to be a graciously, keenly attuned person and is able to "peel back the layers of the net" that we've entangled ourselves in, allowing us a clear path forward.  she also has a most delightful sense of humor along with her very broad intellectual knowledge base.  enjoy her calm, loving approach."



" Andrea has inspired me in so many ways. She has that magic touch. I would encourage anyone to sign up & meet Andrea, you won't regret it."

- Nancy McCarthy


" Andrea is a wonderful, intuitive and caring person and coach. She always provides guidance and hope in a compassionate, non-judgmental and deeply insightful manner. She is very comforting and gives spiritual guidance in a way that is very down-to-earth, humorous and approachable. I will continue to go to her for guidance and you should too! "  
--Rachael McDermott

"Andrea is a highly intuitive and gracious person and an incredibly inspiring coach. She's funny, witty, caring and compassionate. Her guidance is spot on and I have never met a more in-tune, in-touch, hands on life coach. See her, you won't regret it."  
--KJ Hamilton, Spirit Medium