Inspired Action Energy Healing with Andrea Zouiri

  to feel whole and healed

Who were you before you were you?  That is question that has sparked much debate and research.  A vast majority of spiritual thinkers believe that we have many lives, that when we pass on, our soul will go onto another life.

Past Life Regression Meditation can give you a glimpse into who you were, what you were like, and what traits you carried with you into this life.  This can bring healing and closure to many people.  A lot of people do it just for fun.  Was I Cleopatra or a milk maid?  Try it and you will see how interesting it can be.

A meditation to contact someone in spirit can be wonderfully comforting and can make you feel connected to someone whom you've lost.  You do not have to be a psychic medium to contact someone in spirit.  They are right there with you at all times and if you relax enough, you can receive messages. I can guide you gently through the process and help you feel connected to those you love and miss.